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What does creativity look like?

Do you know what it looks like?How do you judge it? Do you feel as if you are creative? How would you describe creativity? All interesting questions and yet difficult to get our heads around. In my past I was a partner in a commercial art studio as well a partner in a...

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Who defines “The Box”

If you have read many help wanted ads you will read the phrase something like, “we are looking for someone who thinks outside the box”. Recently I have been seeing this phrase used elsewhere as well. It occurs to me that it will be impossible for anyone to think...

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I found your best salesperson!

Every company has this same best salesperson but very few utilize them the way they should. It is, of course, your happy customers. But wait don't stop there - it is also folks who may not be in a position to buy from you but know what you do, love your work and if...

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I’m here for you!

My business partner, Rich Lucia told me a story today and it really resonated with me, concerning a client we had been working with. It seems that a busy executive received a text while rushing around that read – “I’m here for you”. She was touched and took the time...

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See me? What am I?

Have you noticed the proliferation of digital billboards along many of the busier roadways? I have and I also noticed something that, to me, lacks all evidence of understanding. First understand that many of these billboards are on highways where the vehicles are...

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Does your team need a coach?

Too often we watch a sporting event and marvel at the winning teams’ individual abilities. We focus on that great play and the execution of the talented players on the field. We forget the coach on the sidelines who orchestrates the game. The coach is responsible for...

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Are you redoing your website?

If your website is more than a few years old it probably could use some tweaking (my technical term for making it work better). Does your website still accurately reflect what you do and how you do it? Do you have all the functionality in your your site that you need...

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I call them “Money Words”

You may have heard the term "keywords" and a few of you even know what they are and how useful they Might be. What I find is that too often folks feel they know what they are and how to use them and nothing could be further from reality. First keywords are typically...

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Your sales aren’t where you want them to be and you realize that it’s been some time since you conducted sales training. Before you dust off your sales training manuals or hire someone for a sales retread session, you might take notice that something has changed since...

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