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A Manufactures Success Born Out Of Frustration

A Delaware Valley Manufacturer recently found the key to increasing profitable revenue which had a fantastic outcome. As with many other changes their success was born out of frustration. Not unlike many manufactures, despite having fine products and services, they...

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Social Media – not working for you?

Why Isn’t Social Media Working For Me? Social media marketing is a proven digital marketing strategy that brings in good results for most businesses, big and small. If you have adopted it, but aren’t thrilled with the results, the problem may be more deep-rooted than...

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Linkedin For B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. It is a very versatile and professional platform with more than 500 million users. Of these 500 million, around 61 million are top-level executives and around 40 million are key decision makers of their business....

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IT and Marketing – do they mix?

I recently read an article by Seth Godin - Is there a marketing person leading the IT team.    The premise is that the IT team does not know enough about marketing to be doing the things they do online - my synopsis. While I agree that IT and marketing need to...

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ABM = Account Based Marketing – WHAT?

The newest fancy name for what you should be doing and now have the tools to do. At its core ABM is understanding your accounts and where they are in the buying cycle (wait I know there are other definitions but this one will work). The focus is that with all the new...

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What does creativity look like?

Do you know what it looks like?How do you judge it? Do you feel as if you are creative? How would you describe creativity? All interesting questions and yet difficult to get our heads around. In my past I was a partner in a commercial art studio as well a partner in a...

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Who defines “The Box”

If you have read many help wanted ads you will read the phrase something like, “we are looking for someone who thinks outside the box”. Recently I have been seeing this phrase used elsewhere as well. It occurs to me that it will be impossible for anyone to think...

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I found your best salesperson!

Every company has this same best salesperson but very few utilize them the way they should. It is, of course, your happy customers. But wait don't stop there - it is also folks who may not be in a position to buy from you but know what you do, love your work and if...

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I’m here for you!

My business partner, Rich Lucia told me a story today and it really resonated with me, concerning a client we had been working with. It seems that a busy executive received a text while rushing around that read – “I’m here for you”. She was touched and took the time...

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