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A Pennsylvania manufacturer hired me to do sales training. The company’s revenue had been flat for a few years and the owner believed the sales force wasn’t operating at peak efficiency. Upon evaluating the sales team, I was surprised to learn they were highly skilled at selling. Refresh training would be of some value, but it wasn’t going to get my client the desired outcome of increasing revenue, so I began digging a little deeper. It turned out the problem wasn’t training at all but a sales strategy and direction issue.

Once I re-positioned the sales strategy and outlined specific action paths for the sales team to take, the revenue began increasing – Results: that year ended with a 22% increase in revenue. Ironically the owner had shopped for a sales trainer the month before and that would have been a costly financial and time-wasting experience.

An $18M local manufacturing company was doing most of their business in NYC and DC. The goal was to do more business in Philadelphia, where they were located. The answer was increased visibility locally. The following were put into place:

  • A social media campaign emphasizing their local connections
  • A blog was used as part of that strategy with many current clients and prospects signing up to
    read it
  • The blog was followed up with a newsletter highlighting new implementations of their product,
    with an emphasis on great photography
  • A CEU (continuing education) program was implemented to help the professionals keep up to
    date with the latest trends and gain needed credits for a professional license

The result – within 3 years they were awarded a $2.5M contract locally and the company has grown from under $20M to over $30M.

A manufacturing company had a website that was old and only showed part of what they offered. After some digging it was also found that sales folks were calling the office several times per day to have samples and literature sent out to prospects offices. The answer was a new website but with added functionality, the following project took 6 months to implement:

  • A new website with all of the products and services offered by the company
  • Navigation established that allowed for many avenues to obtain the necessary information
  • Introduction of video to help visualize the products
  • A section called downloads which allowed the sales folks to send a link to a particular spec sheet for their use – this grew to include videos and reference sheets
  • Many photos of the products in use across many locations

The result – dramatically decreased requests for sales to have things sent in the mail saving an
estimated 15 hours per week. The amount of time to respond to prospects questions decreased from days to minutes. More selling time for the sales team – an increase in revenue, with the same sales team of 50% by freeing up more time for them to sell.

A distributor was looking to expand their sales and thought their website could do more. Analysis of their site revealed that the current site was more of a detriment to the sales effort than a help. There was a catalog on the website with part pricing, but you couldn’t buy from it because it was not linked to their ERP system to determine discount for each distributor or inventory of each item.
Redesigning the website with a better catalog and linking in an ERP system allowed the distributors to do many orders directly online themselves.


  • The sales team did not need to spend as much time with the smaller distributors
  • Faster for the client and the team to know about inventory

The result was an increase in revenue of over 22% in one year.

A niche online training company was dissatisfied with the results of their online marketing efforts. Semita was called in to do an extensive audit of existing efforts, analyze online potential and review alternative actions. An analysis of efforts revealed several missed opportunities with new and existing clients. Implementing many of the changes suggested resulted in a 20% increase in revenue over the next 6 months.

Owners of a predictive analytics software company had become frustrated with flat sales and not being able to go beyond their current client base. At the time predictive analytics was very much a confusing market segment but growing with many new players. The challenge was to incorporate information about the industry and distinguish themselves from the other players in the field. Semita did an analysis of their sales and marketing to determine an array of issues. The biggest takeaway was their messaging – all the sales folks and the marketing materials (especially the website) all emphasized the usefulness of the software – how flexible it was, easy to learn, etc. There was nothing in the messaging about the prospect and results of using the product. A writer was brought in to help get the messaging turned around. All marketing materials and sales conversation needed to change – over the next 12 months there was a 50% increase in revenue for the company.
Our sales had been flat for several years and we had no idea how to change that trend. Rick and Rich found the solutions that got us going. Lancaster Manufacturing


We were about to spend a great deal of money on a new website not realizing that what we really needed was a new sales strategy.
Our revenue turned upward. New Jersey Tooling Machine


We spend almost two years trying a new CRM, Social Media campaigns and were about to redo our website when Rick and Rich showed us how to focus. Not on the latest tool, but results that worked for us. Our revenue is up 22 % over last year and keeps climbing. Industrial Supply


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